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Future Fencing can provide any fencing that pertains to stock requirements. This includes sheep and cattle yards that can be designed to the clients' needs. Future Fencing also caters for safety fencing on orchards for protection around water drains. This is an important consideration for many in the Hawke's Bay.

R & M

Future Fencing can take care of all repairs and maintenance. Repairs and Maintenance is an important part of fencing as it insures the maximum life of all fences No job is too small and all work using quality materials specified for the particular job will be guaranteed.


With the popularity of deer farming in Hawke's Bay, it is essential to have the correct fencing for that particular stock. The netting concept facilitates for both deer and sheep with up to two metre tall fences. Deer netting is also an effective security fence.


Electric fencing is an affordable option in fencing, Post gaps can be wider and less wires used resulting in considerably less cost. An electric outrigger can be added to any fence as an effective deterent to stock and also doubles as an option for break feeding.


Conventional fencing is typically the strongest form of fence with close post spacings and 7 or more wires with battens normally. This is a very permanent fence lasting up to 40 or more years before needing to be fully replaced.

Post & Rail

This is the ideal fencing for stockyards, gateways and entrances. Post & rail is guaranteed to withstand the pressure, knocks and bangs from the everyday hard work that stock put on a fence.