Pool & Landscape Fencing


The Euroloc aluminium fencing system is packed with unique features, combining cutting edge technologies & classic design elements.

If you are DIY inclined Euroloc is a great option, Future Fencing will deliver your fence anywere in Hawkes Bay, all panels are ready to install. You dont have to put them together like some other brands.

If you're not DIY inclined Future Fencing's expert team can install your fence and gates, adding value to your property instantly.

Euroloc Unique Features

  • Rust Free
  • No Sharp Welds
  • Adjustable Sloping Panel
  • 10 yr Guarantee

Affordable Fencing Options

  • Pool
  • Garden
  • Perimeter
  • Commercial
  • Gate's

A fence with gates to match

Fence the sides of your property for security or just to keep the dog in.

Adjustable Raking Panel

"A world first" enables you to slope a fence panel up or down on site from between 0 to 20 degrees. This maximum sloping feature enables each fence panel to have up to 817 mm of rise or fall.

The EUROLOC Contour Adjusting Panel shortens installation time and will save you money.